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Brand: Cherry Model: 6171784
Ex Tax:6.53€
Brand: Cherry Model: G84-4400LPBEU-0
Cherry Compact-keyboard G84-4400 QW US..
Ex Tax:147.05€
Brand: Cherry Model: G84-4100LCMEU
This compact keyboard is the perfect solution for users with only limited space available and low weight requirements. For example, applications in the banking sector, medical institutions or portable systems. Also suitable for 19-inch applications. This keyboard is perfectly suited for slim-line PC..
Ex Tax:72.64€
Brand: Cherry Model: G84-4400LPBBE-2
You need a pointing device? But you don't have enough room for a separate mouse? In that case the ultraflat compact keyboard with integrated trackball will solve your problem. It's perfect for 19 inch applications, Slimline PCs and notebooks. It also has additional input options for pen-based comput..
Ex Tax:139.57€
Brand: Cherry Model: G84-4700LUCUS-2
Whether for numerical inputs, controls or for frequent number entry - the programmable keyboard is the ideal accessory for notebooks. All keys can be user-defined with up to 24characters per key.- Individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (ML technology)- Designed for continuous usage - over 20 ..
Ex Tax:49.97€
Brand: Cherry Model: JK-1068BE-2
Cherry KC 1068 IP68 corded keyb Black..
Ex Tax:69.20€
Brand: Cherry Model: JA-0200
Cherry MX Board 3.0 Palmrest..
Ex Tax:8.50€
Brand: Cherry Model: G84-5500LUMEU-2
The "XS Touchpad Keyboard" (G84-5500) combines comfortable mouse control with compact dimensions. The mouse can be controlled easily and precisely via the large touchpad with two mouse keys.- High-quality touchpad with two mouse buttons for convenient control of the cursor- High degree of reliabilit..
Ex Tax:133.69€
Brand: Cherry Model: G83-14401LPBBE-2
FingerTIP ID Board G83-14400..
Ex Tax:202.83€
Brand: Logitech Model: 920-008294
G Pro Mech Gaming KBD US INTL..
Ex Tax:115.56€
Brand: Logitech Model: 920-008088
G213 Prodigy Gaming KBD FR..
Ex Tax:68.40€
Brand: Logitech Model: 920-008093
G213 Prodigy Gaming KBD US INTL..
Ex Tax:68.40€
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